Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

December 12, 2016Parties

If your child is a fan of the books like my daughter is and would love to throw a Harry Potter theme party for her birthday, this post will tell you ideas on how to make it happen. A bonus is that the only monetary costs involved are the cake/cupcakes, craft supplies, Harry Potter accessories, a … Read More

Project Bedroom : After

May 31, 2016Home Accents, Interior Design

Oh my goodness they’re finished. I can’t say there have been fewer battles between the two kids, but they’ve definitely been using their little havens as retreats in times of high drama.The corners turned out even cozier than I had hoped, and Eli has begun requesting that his bedtime stories be read to him there instead of … Read More

Happy Passover!

April 22, 2016Holiday Crafts, Traditions

Thank goodness Passover is 8 days long because I’m two days late on my Passover post! The thing about a holiday as food-centric as this one is that you spend so much time around the Cuisineart you have no time left to sit at your laptop. Fortunately,  though the Seders have come and gone, there is still almost a week … Read More

Project Bedroom : Before

March 30, 2016Interior Design

Here’s a little story. There once was a big sister who had her own room. Her mommy got pregnant with baby number 3 and to free up the nursery her younger brother had to move into her glorious big girl room with her.  Along came a bunk bed, complementary his/her bedsheets, and an immigration of … Read More

Color Me Purim

March 24, 2016Color Me, Judaica art, Traditions

Happy Purim! I’ve covered today’s holiday pretty thoroughly in my last two posts so this will be short and sweet. Here’s a little coloring page for your kiddo to have fun with today! If you’re having a party print out a bunch for all of the little guys who are jonesing for Hamantaschen before dinner.  Chag Sameach! … Read More

Purim : Animal Masks

March 18, 2016Family Projects, Holiday Crafts

Roar!!! Happy Purim again! If you have plans this weekend to attend and dress up for your local Purim celebration, BUT: a) you’re feeling less than crafty this week b) your kids have shredded/outgrown/lost their Halloween costumes I got you covered. Attached are 4 animal masks. Download, print, color, cut out the grey holes and done! … Read More

Purim Gift Boxes

March 15, 2016Fabrics and Prints, Family Projects, Holiday Crafts

Purim is one of the most festive Chagim, or holidays, of the year. It commemorates when the Jews of Persia were saved from an evil plot lead by the king’s advisor, Haman. One of the Persian Jews, A man named Mordecai was terrified of Haman’s plan to kill them and convinced his cousin, Queen Esther, to go to the King and plead for the … Read More


March 5, 2016DIY Textiles, Fabrics and Prints, Fiber Arts and Projects, Textiles

Marbling is a technique often taught in elementary school, using turpentine or dish detergent to create a swirling, painterly affect that you can’t get with a paint brush. The following recipe, however, calls for chemicals you might not find on store shelves. I found it in a Living magazine and the resulting fabric is elegant and vibrant. … Read More

Shabbat Shalom! Happy Coloring!

February 26, 2016Judaica art, Studio

A little gift of Shalom from me to you this weekend. Click here to download, then print and color away. (image is 8X8 and prints onto 8.5X11 paper). Shabbat Shalom! And if you observe Shabbat and won’t color until Sunday, Shavua Tov!