The PIQF : Our version of date night

October 15, 2015Fabrics and Prints, Field Trips

We can’t remember who “started it”, but over time Dave and I have both developed a passion for fabrics and prints. In truth his interest in traditional quilting began long before mine did, but I became so interested in patchwork and freestyle quilting  that I began a business (fiber art Ketubot) with that aesthetic.  Regardless of … Read More

Studio in the Tea Garden

June 30, 2015Field Trips, Studio

This morning was the last opportunity for Mona and me to go on a date together just the two of us before Kindergarten begins (and the baby arrives soon after). So we went to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park to drink tea, draw and, inevitably, eat cookies. She even got to use Mommy’s Special Pens. … Read More