Happy Passover!

April 22, 2016Holiday Crafts, Traditions

Thank goodness Passover is 8 days long because I’m two days late on my Passover post! The thing about a holiday as food-centric as this one is that you spend so much time around the Cuisineart you have no time left to sit at your laptop. Fortunately,  though the Seders have come and gone, there is still almost a week … Read More

Color Me Purim

March 24, 2016Color Me, Judaica art, Traditions

Happy Purim! I’ve covered today’s holiday pretty thoroughly in my last two posts so this will be short and sweet. Here’s a little coloring page for your kiddo to have fun with today! If you’re having a party print out a bunch for all of the little guys who are jonesing for Hamantaschen before dinner.  Chag Sameach! … Read More

A new Shabbat tradition

February 28, 2015Traditions

Last month we received two sweetly illustrated Tzedakah boxes from PJ Library  (as did many Jewish families, according to the comments on my FB post of this picture).  We’ve been discussing what to put our Tzedakah money towards and we decided we’ll buy a present for a foster child via Toys for Tots come Christmas time. It’s … Read More