Purim : Animal Masks

March 18, 2016Family Projects, Holiday Crafts

Roar!!! Happy Purim again! If you have plans this weekend to attend and dress up for your local Purim celebration, BUT: a) you’re feeling less than crafty this week b) your kids have shredded/outgrown/lost their Halloween costumes I got you covered. Attached are 4 animal masks. Download, print, color, cut out the grey holes and done! … Read More

Purim Gift Boxes

March 15, 2016Fabrics and Prints, Family Projects, Holiday Crafts

Purim is one of the most festive Chagim, or holidays, of the year. It commemorates when the Jews of Persia were saved from an evil plot lead by the king’s advisor, Haman. One of the Persian Jews, A man named Mordecai was terrified of Haman’s plan to kill them and convinced his cousin, Queen Esther, to go to the King and plead for the … Read More

Glen, The Hallway Snowman

January 12, 2016Family Projects, Fiber Arts and Projects

The monthly family projects that are assigned by Mona’s kindergarten teacher are intended to encourage creativity and parental involvement. They’re often carte blanche approaches to building a seasonal themed item or picture, and perfect fodder for a craftiness blog! This month’s project is “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” Today we got to see the kids … Read More

Framed Piggie

December 28, 2015Fabrics and Prints, Family Projects, Fiber Arts and Projects

This is a collaborative picture that Mona and I worked on for my nephew’s Christmas present.  Below is our original sketch (with a little wear and tear): In order for this kind of framed fabric picture to succeed, choosing the right print is essential.  You will need two pink patterns and one neutral colored print … Read More