March 5, 2016DIY Textiles, Fabrics and Prints, Fiber Arts and Projects, Textiles

Marbling is a technique often taught in elementary school, using turpentine or dish detergent to create a swirling, painterly affect that you can’t get with a paint brush. The following recipe, however, calls for chemicals you might not find on store shelves. I found it in a Living magazine and the resulting fabric is elegant and vibrant. … Read More

Layered Marbling

December 5, 2014Textiles

Per regular marbling, I swirled two colors of paint, laid the muslin on the solution, left it for several minutes, removed it and rinsed off the film. Creating another layer: To create a painterly effect of clean lines and motifs, you do not thin the paint you’re about to drip onto the solution. Instead you … Read More

Leafy Tree on Burlap

January 3, 2014DIY Textiles, Fabrics and Prints, Textiles

A simple leaf stamp can go a long way. Draw a simple leaf shape onto a block of linoleum, carve it out and and add a carved strip in the middle about half the length of the leaf. This is the vein of the leaf and this will distinguish each leaf from the other once … Read More