Purim Gift Boxes

March 15, 2016Fabrics and Prints, Family Projects, Holiday Crafts

Purim is one of the most festive Chagim, or holidays, of the year. It commemorates when the Jews of Persia were saved from an evil plot lead by the king’s advisor, Haman. One of the Persian Jews, A man named Mordecai was terrified of Haman’s plan to kill them and convinced his cousin, Queen Esther, to go to the King and plead for the … Read More


March 5, 2016DIY Textiles, Fabrics and Prints, Fiber Arts and Projects, Textiles

Marbling is a technique often taught in elementary school, using turpentine or dish detergent to create a swirling, painterly affect that you can’t get with a paint brush. The following recipe, however, calls for chemicals you might not find on store shelves. I found it in a Living magazine and the resulting fabric is elegant and vibrant. … Read More

Framed Piggie

December 28, 2015Fabrics and Prints, Family Projects, Fiber Arts and Projects

This is a collaborative picture that Mona and I worked on for my nephew’s Christmas present.  Below is our original sketch (with a little wear and tear): In order for this kind of framed fabric picture to succeed, choosing the right print is essential.  You will need two pink patterns and one neutral colored print … Read More

The PIQF : Our version of date night

October 15, 2015Fabrics and Prints, Field Trips

We can’t remember who “started it”, but over time Dave and I have both developed a passion for fabrics and prints. In truth his interest in traditional quilting began long before mine did, but I became so interested in patchwork and freestyle quilting  that I began a business (fiber art Ketubot) with that aesthetic.  Regardless of … Read More

Leafy Tree on Burlap

January 3, 2014DIY Textiles, Fabrics and Prints, Textiles

A simple leaf stamp can go a long way. Draw a simple leaf shape onto a block of linoleum, carve it out and and add a carved strip in the middle about half the length of the leaf. This is the vein of the leaf and this will distinguish each leaf from the other once … Read More

Print “Hamantaschen”

February 15, 2013DIY Textiles, Fabrics and Prints

In honor of Purim! This could be a very appropriate bib fabric, as Hamantaschens are notoriously sticky and crumbly. Or maybe just in my house. For the original image I used the Paper app on my iPad. I tend to be a bit old school when it comes to drawing tools; I like to control … Read More

Print “Latkes Latkes Everywhere”

February 7, 2013DIY Textiles, Fabrics and Prints

This is the first of two Hannukah inspired prints.  I’ve recently discovered the “Paper” app on my iPad; a very simple app with just 8 color choices (before purchasing more) and four “drawing tools.” As a pencil/nib/paper lover I’ve always scoffed at the idea of drawing on a computer. Kinda loving it though. This week … Read More

Print “Bear Mitzvah”

February 6, 2013DIY Textiles, Fabrics and Prints

  Though much of my brain is still on maternity leave (the functioning cognitive side that is lacking 6 hours of sleep a night), the right side of my brain is not. The wheels are turning and I’ve started to design fabrics with bibs in mind. This fabric was created from a little group of … Read More