Maybe years down the road our field trip of choice will take us to strip malls or…indoor malls. Or let’s be honest, a day to the strip mall with her own friends. But now I’m relishing the fact that when my daughter has a day off of school she wants to spend it together having tea and sketching time. (Full disclosure, the plate full of miniature cookies is a major part of the activity’s attraction for this 6 year old). I personally love taking my sketchbook out of the house just as much as I love giving Mona a new environment in which to find drawing inspiration.  At our table she was drawing the dress she had designed for her Barbie.  Quick aside: Her continued fascination is attributed to her new fashion studio that I will plug below.

First, a glimpse at her sketching her model; one she’s drawn naked before coloring the clothes onto her. Tip: feed your 6 year old cookies and tea first so that she can focus on your actual outing the rest of the morning, and not her “empty” tummy. (It was only 1.5 hours since breakfast)


Now that we were fed, she could move on to seeking out new subject matter.


This is the gift that has fueled her love of fabrics and designing, and ties with Legos as her most used toy. Details here!fashion


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