Oh my goodness they’re finished. I can’t say there have been fewer battles between the two kids, but they’ve definitely been using their little havens as retreats in times of high drama.The corners turned out even cozier than I had hoped, and Eli has begun requesting that his bedtime stories be read to him there instead of the couch. They didn’t even resist (much) when they had to spend their time out there yesterday.

These are the steps I took to create the space:

  1. The fence: I wanted to create a “garden” feel and scoured Etsy for decals of flowers, lanterns and fence posts. After doing the math, however, I noted I’d get a lot more bang for my buck just making my own (go figure!). I found a beautiful wood grain textile on Spoonflower (Willow Lane Textiles) and bought one yard of the design in wallpaper. I then cut it into wide strips, trimmed the tops into points, and spaced and adhered them on the wall with water. fence cut wallpaper fence
  2. Decor: The 30″ rugs (the highlights of the spaces) and round seat cushions are from Pier 1. They’re small enough to make room for the dresser and two nightstands between them. The throw pillows are from Target, and are the main details that distinguish the “her” and “his” space. It complements their princess  and superhero personas without having to bring Disney into the design scheme.
  3. The banner: I wanted to include a subtle boundary line to further cozy, personalize and encompass their space. While Mona critiqued the layout stating that she “was hoping” there would be a fence door to walk through, I told her this was a solution that kept her corner accessible but still snug.
  4. Bookshelves: We bought two wall bookshelves from Pottery Barn Kids. One we’ve hung in Mona’s corner, and the other we’re saving to install in Eli’s corner when he is old enough to resist hanging on it like a monkey bar.room_monasshelf
  5. Furniture: The nightstands remain and have been put to good use, storing their most used toys and keeping them easily accessed while in their space. The dresser I finally found on Craigslist, after giving up on the sky high prices of brand new direct-from-the-store.


Other additions to the room:

  1. A sports basket which holds all of their stuffed animals. This gives them access to the dolls they love, and keeps forgotten ones in sight. I saw this idea on Pinterest. It’s a brilliant solution and unfortunately I can’t remember the contributing blog. (anyone?)room_basket
  2. A short wide wire basket for oversized blocks.
  3.  Yet another basket for their costumes.

Overall the changes have actually helped keep a calmness to their shared bedroom. Even when the books get thrown off the bookshelf and toys get scattered around the room, the minimal decor of the corners keeps that wall looking presentable. Dolls, large blocks and costumes which are responsible for 80% of floor mess are easily consolidated into three baskets. Let me know what you think! How have you solved the challenges of a shared bedroom?

If you missed it, here is the “before” story.


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