Paper and fabric outlets have always been my candy stores, and I can spend a happy afternoon scanning their shelves.  Even while studying industrial design in college, my favorite class was calligraphy, which let me experiment with inks, paper and various writing tools. Today, I’m happy to have a studio and shelves of my own, stocked with fabric swatches, patterned paper and baskets and baskets of notions.

I lead a crafty, Jewish life with my husband and three children in beautiful San Francisco. As an artist, I’m aware that the word “crafty” gets a bad rap, often implying a level of tackiness or kitschiness. To me, a crafty-by-nature person is resourceful and inclusive. You create art from what’s around you, often with family in mind. I’m a busy parent with strong religious roots, and I am also an artist with ink (and paint) in my veins. This online drawing board holds me accountable to ensure I’m sustainably and harmoniously living out all three parts of myself.