A speedy look at a coloring book

January 27, 2016Judaica art, Studio

I’m about 2/3 of the way through my first coloring book, Alef Bet for the Soul.  I’ve been posting short time-lapse video clips on Instagram of the drawing process, but here in one place are longer clips of some of my favorites. These pages are the backgrounds to each Hebrew letter: Coloring page 1 Coloring … Read More

Glen, The Hallway Snowman

January 12, 2016Family Projects, Fiber Arts and Projects

The monthly family projects that are assigned by Mona’s kindergarten teacher are intended to encourage creativity and parental involvement. They’re often carte blanche approaches to building a seasonal themed item or picture, and perfect fodder for a craftiness blog! This month’s project is “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” Today we got to see the kids … Read More

Framed Piggie

December 28, 2015Fabrics and Prints, Family Projects, Fiber Arts and Projects

This is a collaborative picture that Mona and I worked on for my nephew’s Christmas present.  Below is our original sketch (with a little wear and tear): In order for this kind of framed fabric picture to succeed, choosing the right print is essential.  You will need two pink patterns and one neutral colored print … Read More

Rainy Day Crafting Fix

December 21, 2015Home Accents, Studio

It’s a rainy day in Dayton, OH. This week every year we stay with my in-laws to celebrate Christmas and all the cozy traditions that go along with it;  It’s the only time of year Dave and I hope for frigid cold weather to justify use of their cozy wood burning fireplace. Today however it … Read More

High Tea In The Park : Happy Birthday, Mona!

December 13, 2015Parties, Stamps and Tools

Something Mona and I have in common is that we both love High Tea.  She (like most 6 year old girls) composes place settings for pretend tea parties on a regular basis. I myself don’t believe in hosting a daytime party without serving finger sandwiches, and have enjoyed 3 separate tea houses multiple times each … Read More

Hanukkah/Winter Solstice Wreath

December 6, 2015Holiday Crafts, Home Accents, Studio

To make a successful wreath you must “embrace fake”. If it’s not real it either needs to look identical to the real thing (pine cones, realistic fruit like apples) or look like something that you’d only find in an elven forest  (gold eucalyptus, silver baby’s breath, blue maple leaves). The exception of course being the inclusion of a realistic-but-not-quite-believable animal.   “Put … Read More

Harvest Wreath

November 16, 2015Home Accents, Studio

Last year, my mom sent me an envelope full of red autumn leaves from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, which has arguably one the most beautiful autumns in the country.  It inspired me to make my first wreath, but since it was made with actual fresh leaves it withered in a matter of weeks. So … Read More

The PIQF : Our version of date night

October 15, 2015Fabrics and Prints, Field Trips

We can’t remember who “started it”, but over time Dave and I have both developed a passion for fabrics and prints. In truth his interest in traditional quilting began long before mine did, but I became so interested in patchwork and freestyle quilting  that I began a business (fiber art Ketubot) with that aesthetic.  Regardless of … Read More