Studio in the Nursery

August 28, 2015Home Accents, Stamps and Tools, Studio

When you are 38 weeks pregnant, you bring studio into the nursery. We had painted the nursery blue for Eli, and now that we’re having a girl we had no intention of repainting so… aquarium theme it is! I carved rubber stamps and stamped fish and seaweed around the room. I used the same rounded … Read More

Studio in the Tea Garden

June 30, 2015Field Trips, Studio

This morning was the last opportunity for Mona and me to go on a date together just the two of us before Kindergarten begins (and the baby arrives soon after). So we went to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park to drink tea, draw and, inevitably, eat cookies. She even got to use Mommy’s Special Pens. … Read More

Bringing 6AM Studio to the Beach

June 12, 2015Judaica art, Studio

This blog is about merging my artistic self with my parental self and making  the two coexist. The simple truth, though, is that often the little ones limit the time I’m able to do my own art (hence 6AM Studio time). Take our current vacation in Hilton Head. It’s partly the time change, partly the humidity, … Read More

A new Shabbat tradition

February 28, 2015Traditions

Last month we received two sweetly illustrated Tzedakah boxes from PJ Library  (as did many Jewish families, according to the comments on my FB post of this picture).  We’ve been discussing what to put our Tzedakah money towards and we decided we’ll buy a present for a foster child via Toys for Tots come Christmas time. It’s … Read More

Layered Marbling

December 5, 2014Textiles

Per regular marbling, I swirled two colors of paint, laid the muslin on the solution, left it for several minutes, removed it and rinsed off the film. Creating another layer: To create a painterly effect of clean lines and motifs, you do not thin the paint you’re about to drip onto the solution. Instead you … Read More

Happy Purim!

March 14, 2014Holiday Crafts

This Saturday night marks the beginning of Purim, one of the most festive Chagim of the year. It commemorates when the Jews of Persia were saved from an evil plot lead by the king’s advisor, Haman. One of the Persian Jews, A man named Mordecai, was terrified of Haman’s plan to kill them and convinced his cousin, Queen Esther, to go to the King … Read More

Leafy Tree on Burlap

January 3, 2014DIY Textiles, Fabrics and Prints, Textiles

A simple leaf stamp can go a long way. Draw a simple leaf shape onto a block of linoleum, carve it out and and add a carved strip in the middle about half the length of the leaf. This is the vein of the leaf and this will distinguish each leaf from the other once … Read More

Make Your Own Menorah

December 3, 2013Holiday Crafts

I went to a family friendly Hanukkah party a few nights ago and I brought some crafts for the kids to assemble after dessert. I drew a simple Menorah shape on a piece of paper, wrote numbers above it and handed the kids a few stacks of stickers. Some of the kids got really into it, carefully placing stickers  above the Menorah … Read More

Marriage Rights: A Ketubah Artist’s Perspective

July 3, 2013POV

Like many Americans, and Californians in particular, I was thrilled to hear the news about the repeal of DOMA, as well as the rescission of Prop 8; the proposition stating that two people can’t be united by law if they are of the same sex. When Prop 8 was passed in 2008 I felt discouraged, sad … Read More

Project Studio: The Bread and Butter

July 3, 2013Studio

Filling the majority of the room – as it should – is our collection of fabric. Full yards and fat quarters organized by color, material and print style (ie. Kids’ prints stacked together). Muslin and upholstery share a bin, as do old Tees and button-down shirts with interesting enough prints we didn’t want to toss them … Read More